Rules & Regulations

  • Scholarship award – $5,000

In awarding scholarships, consideration shall be given to good, hardworking, deserving and ambitious students/athletes demonstrating a potential to successfully complete college. The Joshua L. Anderson Memorial Foundation awards scholarships based upon the applicant’s financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activities, participation in a high school baseball or softball program and a strong desire to earn a college education.

  • Eligibility

Any high school baseball or softball player who will be or has graduated from a Northern Nevada high school and plans on attending college is eligible to apply for a scholarship.

  •  Which college or university can you attend?

Any college or university.

  • Distribution of Funds

Scholarships ($5,000) will be paid in full at the start of the recipients Freshman (Fall) semester of college. Once recipient has provided proof of enrollment with a minimum of twelve credits, scholarship checks will be made out to both the student and the college/university.

  • Scholarship Recipients agree to:

Confirm initial enrollment at a college or university before their Freshman semester in college.

  • Foundation address.

All applications, questions and correspondence shall be addressed to:

Joshua L. Anderson Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 19298
Reno, Nevada 89511

  • Waiver of Rules

Upon good cause shown, in exceptional cases, the Board of Trustees may conditionally waive a rule.