Welcome to the Joshua L. Anderson Memorial Foundation


2024 was the final year to award college scholarships to Northern Nevada High School baseball and softball players.  With the support and generosity of hundreds of people over the last 32 years, the Josh Anderson Memorial Foundation has awarded $1,240,500 in scholarships to 380 student/athletes from 34 high schools.

Special thanks to Dan Rechemacher (rest in peace) and Steve Scolari for establishing the Foundation; to Joel Anderson and Rachael Ferrari for their countless hours and effort to keep the day-to-day workings in order; to Darin Menante for directing the annual golf tournament for 20 years; to Joel Anderson, Kevin (Milo) Hall, Brian Wickham and Ron Rogers for selecting scholarship recipients; to Pete Savage and Woody Barry for their dedication and hard work continuing the Annual Josh Anderson Memorial Baseball Tournament; and to all the Trustees for helping over the years.

Thank you again!

Eric Anderson and Family