Welcome to the Joshua L. Anderson Memorial Foundation

The Joshua L Anderson Memorial Foundation was founded September 1, 1992.  Its purpose is to help provide scholarships to Northern Nevada high school baseball and softball players who desire a college education.

Latest News – 2020

Joshua L.  Anderson Memorial Foundation awards $52,000 in College Scholarships to 14 Northern Nevada high school athletes.

2020 Scholarship Recipients… $3,500 each

  • Kenneth Aydelott – Carson High School
  • Patrick Barry – Reno High School
  • Rylan Charles – Manogue High School
  • Ty Demosthenes – Galena High School
  • Rylan Howell – Damonte High School
  • Caedon Kottinger – Reno High School
  • Melissa Lackore – Smith Valley High School
  • Cailyn Leone – Reed High School
  • Daralyn Moura – Pershing County High School
  • Lane Oliphant – Reno High School
  • Camryn Quilling – Carson High School
  • Lachelle Thompson – Carlin High School

Larry Menante Memorial Scholarship Recipient – $5,000

Hilana Ely – Reed High School

Dan Rechenmacher Memorial Scholarship Recipient – $5,000

Kiera Escalante – McQueen High School

“Thank you” to the hundreds of people who continue to support Josh’s Memorial Foundation.  With the continued support, the Foundation has awarded $984,500 in scholarships to 323 Northern Nevada high school students over the last 28 years.  Scholarships have been awarded to students from thirty-three (33) different high schools.

2021 Scholarship applications are due by April 9, 2021.

Click here for complete scholarship details.

The Foundation will continue to award the DAN RECHENMACHER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ($5,000) that will go to the student who has overcome great odds to enter college and the LARRY MENANTE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP ($5,000) that puts emphasis on “financial need”.